Consult is a global consulting firm, focused on digital transformation for businesses. Our industry-leading consultants leverage their expertise across multiple domains to not just advise on strategy but also build campaigns, products, and infrastructure.

As a part of the Dentsu Aegis Network, the culture, flexibility, consumer understanding and risk-taking in the marketing and advertising space gives us an edge over traditional consulting firms.  

We believe in “consultants that make”.  Our integrated hub of services combines technology, business consulting, and digital marketing to build holistic solutions.

Whether it is exploring new business opportunities that are emerging as a result of digitisation and Artificial Intelligence or solving business problems through a modern process, we create enduring roadmaps that deliver immediate results for our clients.

Consult specifically works with companies on revenue growth and our business model is also tuned for the same.  Consult’s business model is a break from what clients have come to expect from traditional consultants, which charge clients for their time. We get our hands dirty and help clients scale up the business, taking a share of revenue we can deliver for the client.

Consult just doesn’t advice on strategy, but it also builds products, business ideas, teams, does business turnarounds, organization alignment and build infrastructure.

You can think of Consult as your business growth hacking team, somebody who owns and delivers on revenue growth using digital.

In fact, at Consult, we are confident that you will see tangible impact that in the long run, we won’t charge for time, we will take a share of revenue from the upside.

Our Specializations Include

We build Centers of Excellence (CoE) to transform your business from cost centers to profit centers by focusing on themes like Digital strategy, Promoter workshops, Promoter coach , Organization transformation, Omnichannel strategy, Digital-cost center to profit center, Product/service augmentation, Transitioning physical to digital, Cross channel coherence, Digitally enhanced selling, Redefining customer experience (CX)

Digital Transformation
Marketing Transformation

We transform your marketing practices through Analytics based segmentation , Data driven marketing, Transitioning marketing as a cost center to a revenue center , Building data lakes, Marketing command center creation , Management and decision dashboards creation, Predictive marketing. Our exercises give valuable time to your teams work more creatively.

We generate valuable customer insights using Digital Business turnarounds , New digital initiatives, Digital products ,Building new business models, Scaling current digital businesses, Digital monetization strategy providing deeper insights into the responses to your previous campaigns and creating personalized offerings for your customers

Digital Business Growth
Innovating Business Practices

We at Consult, are equipped to give your business an edge over your peers by innovatively applying Block chain , IOT,  Intelligent Content strategy, Transmedia storytelling , Setting up company focused accelerators & similar futuristic practices.

We boost your return on investment (ROI) through ‘strategic marketing’ by Selecting the right technology, Implementing it and making it work effectively.

Marketing Technology
AI & Big Data Strategy

We streamline & automate your processes with the help of Data strategy, Unified data and process, Customer data hub, AI tools and implementations, Customer value exchange, AI powered content /newsdesk & so on.


onsult has a dedicated team of experts to ensure continuity and process maturity.  What truly differentiates us, though, is our ability to pool talent from across the Dentsu Aegis Network to ensure you get access to the right skillsets at the right time for your organization.  We are able to tap into best of breed experts who have built businesses to create teams on a project-by-project basis from both within and outside the Network.

Mail us at xxxxx to find out how your organisation can embrace the digital future with the power of our knowledge, diverse network of experts, technology-enabled modern processes and our ability to not just advise but build differentiation. The best way to future-proof your future is to build it today!