Smart Solutions for Evolving Media

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The media industry is witnessing disruptive changes like never before. The growth of traditional revenue stream is declining at a rapid rate while companies are witnessing the emergence of new revenue models. Individual business models that were once a norm are being replaced by newer forms of complex ecosystems, newer competition being fueled by startups to Ai driven platforms. Digital brands are the new poster boys as a result of their ability to deliver engaging content across channels resulting in a seamless customer experience. These trends are disrupting the industry requiring total digital transformation.

With over half of the world’s population expected to be online, the global digital landscape will require new experts who understand business, technology and digital in depth and can formulate strategies that can leapfrog them to become industry leaders. Companies have to work towards building new capabilities for the digital landscape by partnering with consultants that understand this new normal.

We at Consult, enable companies to reap absolute benefits of digital. Our new business models enable our clients to future proof their businesses.  Consult acts like your growth hacking team, somebody who owns and delivers on revenue growth using digital, which is a clear differentiator that sets us apart from other service providers. Our modules of AI-driven news desks are already rewiring sales for newspaper & digital media.

Help You Build a Digital Business with Smart APIs


At Consult we follow a 7-step strategy to cater to the shifting media sector:

  • Enabling the API vision
  • Creating the customer’s voice through multiple brands
  • Delivering cutting edge UX that is customizable
  • Empowering Editorials with data
  • Restructuring newsrooms
  • Re-imagining Business Models with enhanced PI
  • Creating marketing strategies that are hyper-local